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Head of Customer Care | Ivory IV
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Head of the Customer Care – Ivory
Reporting to the CCO

Deliver effective and efficient Customer Care services to all consumer segments thereby maximizing customer happiness and retention.
Manage the Call Center and Back office support units.

Customer centricity strategy and planning;
-Lead and develop the Customer Centricity strategy for the organisation and clearly establish the milestones for the achievement of this strategic objective.
-Create a corporate culture that encourages, nurtures and develops ‘customer centric enthusiasts.
-Facilitate development of management processes with an emphasis on customer service

Customer Intelligence;
-In-depth knowledge of customer Behaviour and customer segmentation.
-Understand market and industry landscape for customer service for the lessons of best practice.

Customer Support;
-Sets performance objectives for the Call Centre and back office.
-Identify and manage the delivery of staff, technology and other logistical requirements to meet customer support KPI’s.

Service quality;
-Develop service level standards including quality targets for Call Centre operations and monitor the performance against service levels. -Analyse performance and takes action to proactively highlight and address gaps in service delivery
-Analyse nature of calls, call flow and other aspects of demand to inform improvement initiatives

Continuous Process Improvement;
-Develop and ensure adherence to the customer care policies, processes and procedures. Ensure these PPP’s are well disseminated amongst Call Centre staff and supporting functions to facilitate effective customer service
-Proactively monitor operations to ensure compliance with the law as well as the company’s policies, processes and procedures. Provide input for response to regulator queries

Root cause analysis and issue resolution;
-Identify trends from incidents logged and drives cross functional delivery of solutions in order to improve customer satisfaction overall.

Forecasting and budget management;
-Analysis of call volumes and trends in order to accurately forecast call volumes.
-Proactively manages forecasts and volumes in order to remain within Opex budget allocated to the unit.

Alternative channels for volume offload;
-Identify initiatives and alternative channels for volume offload from call center and back office.

Project Management;
-Project Manage all new initiatives related to improvement of customer services.

Customer knowledge;
-Responsible for tracking ensuring compliance with the law as far as SIM registration is concerned.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelors Degree in Marketing and/or Management
4+ years’ of experience in a similar role

•Team Management
•Strong background (training and experience) in Marketing/Commercial discipline.
•Excellent grasp of customer experience and service principles.
•Understanding of key Marketing principles and tools (segmentation, positioning, targeting, marketing mix etc…).
•Ability to draft a coherent and comprehensive strategy for a given market.
•Good knowledge of telecoms industry; global trends, products and services, types of technologies used and their capabilities etc…
•Strong analytical skills. Good knowledge of business analytics tools, ability to use statistical analysis tools to understand business issues, ability develop models to explain trends and forecast business performance.
•Strong communication and interpersonal and persuasive skills ; ability to obtain cooperation from people over which they wield no authority, ability to simplify and focus on pertinent issues
•Strong project management skills: ability to successfully implement initiatives involving many people across several departments
•Strong numerical skills, basic understanding of finance principles, ability to conduct costs/benefits, break even analysis. Ability to handle large amounts of numerical data and use them for analysis
•Strong organizing skills: ability to prioritize, marshall and focus effort and resources in the right places
•Excellent computer skills, good knowledge of data bases, ease and familiarity with most frequently used computer programs and tools (Excel, Access, Visio, Powerpoint etc…)
•Excellent presentation skills
•Good English and French


Attractive basic salary
Relocation package

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